Seeds of Wisdom Campaign

We recently raised $15,000 dollars to strengthen our campaign.

The Seeds of Wisdom Campaign is a three-year drive designed to help fund the printing and distribution of books containing the sacred Tibetan teachings on wisdom and compassion.  These books will help create and stock libraries in Tibetan refugee communities throughout the Himalayan region.  With the help of these crucial libraries literacy rates will increase in the Tibetan population, especially for women and the youth, resulting not only in the preservation of their endangered culture and language, but also increased opportunities and the improvement of their quality of life.

Community of 1,000 Blessings

A wonderful way to support the campaign is by joining Community of 1,000 Blessings with a pledge of just $1 per day over three years, for the auspicious total of $1080. You will receive a butter lamp and candles when you join, as a reminder of the light that is being shed by your gift. You may also dedicate the gift in the name of a loved one.

We will be grateful for all gifts helping us to reach our matching grant of $25,000 by September 2012.

Thank you to our Community Members!


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Beyond the beliefs of any religion, there is the truth of the human spirit.

Beyond the power of nations, there is the power of the human heart.

-- Tarthang Tulku