The Tibetan Aid Project is a 100% volunteer organization. Volunteers work in an office environment. While the organization has its roots in the Buddhist tradition, we welcome volunteers from all traditions and backgrounds.


  • Event planners
  • Graphic designers
  • Administrative assistants
  • Technical consultants
  • Website administrators
  • Writers

Community volunteer groups can help prepare Tibetan Aid Project's mailings, which take place approximately five times per year.


We offer flexible scheduling Monday through Saturday. Tibetan Aid Project's location is minutes from the UC Berkeley campus and accessible by BART, bus, and freeway, with free off-street parking.

We provide a delicious vegetarian lunch for those who can join us for two hours or more.

All volunteers contributing at least 10 hours per month for three months are eligible for classes at the Nyingma Institute in Berkeley, California.


If you are interested in full-time volunteer work, the residential work-study program offers:

  • Accommodations
  • Meals
  • Buddhist Study Classes

The program is designed for individuals who have an interest in Buddhist studies, meditation, and the application of Buddhist practice in the work environment. A six-month commitment is required, including a month-long trial period.


Volunteers live in shared rooms at the Nyingma Institute in Berkeley, California.


Evening classes at the Nyingma Institute are a significant component of the program. Work-study participants generally take 3-4 classes a week, selecting from a variety of subjects:

  • Meditation
  • Kum Nye (Tibetan relaxation techniques)
  • Buddhist philosophy and psychology
  • Skillful Means
  • Classical Tibetan language study

Participants can select two weekend workshops each quarter.

Personal Growth

The work-study program, designed for sincerely motivated and self-directed individuals, provides a supportive environment where individuals can learn how to integrate awareness, concentration, and energy into everyday life. It is based on the practice of “Skillful Means,” which has been designed to make work a path of growth and transformation.

Learn more about the work-study program and get information on applying.

Meet our current work-study volunteers.


Beyond the beliefs of any religion, there is the truth of the human spirit.

Beyond the power of nations, there is the power of the human heart.

-- Tarthang Tulku