By preserving Tibetan wisdom traditions and educating the general public, the Tibetan Aid Project works to ensure the survival of a culture that is invaluable to our shared human history.


  • Distributing Sacred Texts and Art: We fund the production, shipment, and distribution of sacred texts, art, and prayer wheels for donation to monasteries and individuals at the annual World Peace Ceremony. Click here to read more.
  • Promoting Awareness of Tibetan Culture: We sponsor photo exhibitions and educational programs to promote awareness of the Tibetan tradition. The Tibetan Culture section of this website also contains information regarding devotional art, language, and sacred items of Tibet. Click here to learn more about the culture
  • Producing Prayer Flags: Staff members at the Tibetan Aid Project and our affiliated organizations create hand-made prayer flags for sale and distribution. Click here to read more.
  • Supporting Monks and Nuns: We provide direct financial support for monastic centers, lamas, monks, nuns, and lay people.

"In the beginning of 2012 I was fortunate enough to travel to Bodh Gaya, India for the World Peace Ceremony. While there I saw first hand the powerful, life-changing results of TAP’s work. Books are given away, literally-- for free-- and not just to monasteries but also to individual monks, nuns, and lay practitioners who come to the ceremony. This isn't just preservation of a culture in a dusty museum exhibit or on the shelves of a library. This is the active preservation of a threatened culture by giving back to living teachers, students and practitioners the texts necessary to maintain their cultural and spiritual tradition. I have seen monks and nuns overjoyed at being given the opportunity to have their OWN copy of a sacred text to study. I have seen the broad smiles and heart felt thanks of members of monasteries who are carting back, by whatever means necessary, what they feel is a truly precious treasure that can help them and their communities thrive as compassionate, wise human beings. One can only wonder how different and how much richer the world would be if organizations like TAP existed to work so tirelessly supporting other endangered cultures the world over. In helping to create the conditions for the Tibetan people to thrive, despite systematic efforts by the Chinese to eliminate their culture and language, TAP is helping to accomplish something truly historical and worthy of praise and emulation. If the Tibetan culture exists for the world to learn from and be enriched by 50 years from now, I have no doubt it will be due in part to the efforts of this organization. Bravo! "-  Matthew Breit

To learn more about the Tibetan Aid Project’s work, please read our book, Is Tibet Forgotten? We Hope Not, which is available in our online store.


Beyond the beliefs of any religion, there is the truth of the human spirit.

Beyond the power of nations, there is the power of the human heart.

-- Tarthang Tulku