Book Production :: In Tibet, books are a collection of  loose pages in the traditional shape of a palm leaf, gathered between  two boards and wrapped in a cloth.  Here, a volunteer assembles and  wraps a text. Book Production :: A volunteer stacks completed texts on  to a pallet. Book Production :: Completed texts contain a leaflet with  a table of contents. Book Production :: Sets of finished books are boxed  together with labels specially prepared for Indian  customs.
Book Shipment :: Two volunteers prepare pallets of texts  for loading. Book Shipment :: Our annual shipment of texts can cover an entire football field eight feet deep with books. Book Shipment :: A monk sits on a pallet next to hundreds of boxes of books. Book Shipment :: This truck is filled with books that will be delivered to one of the larger monasteries.
Book Shipment :: Boxes of texts arrive in Bodh Gaya,  India. Book Distribution :: A monk helps distribute books to the  assembly. Book Distribution :: A volunteer distributes images of  Padmasambhava to a group of lay  people. Book Distribution :: Monks help with the book  distribution in Bodh Gaya,  India.
Book Distribution :: Three young monks pause from their work for a photograph. Book Distribution :: Sacred texts are distributed widely to remote destinations all over the Himalayan region. Book Distribution :: A monk stands next to boxes of the Kanjur, which are the direct teachings of the Buddha. Book Distribution :: Pema Gellek and Tsering Gellek coordinate the book distribution in Bodh Gaya, India.
Book Distribution :: Two lay people carry boxes of traditional texts.


Beyond the beliefs of any religion, there is the truth of the human spirit.

Beyond the power of nations, there is the power of the human heart.

-- Tarthang Tulku